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  More Competence...Less Hype.

This site offers you the opportunity to learn more about KENSOFT INFOTECH LTD, founded in 1992, with a mission statement of  'More Competence .... Less Hype'.

Kensoft Infotech Ltd. is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company with BvQi (Bureau Veritas).
Certified by Bureau veritas    CSI IT Awards
Certified for Design, Development and Maintenance of Customized Software Solutions and Products. Kensoft Software Systems are appraised and approved by IIT (Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai), for its design and software capabilities of large projects.


More than Rs50,000 crores of finance and related activities are handled and monitored by KenSoft software systems for various blue chips and multi-location based corporate giants.
When it comes to Project Clients and their system implementation, Kensoft has a track record
that speaks for itself. To learn more about where our software systems have been used and implemented, please Click Here.

Financial software products are a major strength of Kensoft. We have a wide range of banking/ lending software designed for Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs), Financial Institutions (FIs) and Commercial Banks. Kensoft's Software systems have been appraised by IDRBT-Reserve Bank of India.

Our Main products are:
- KEN-HFS - Retail Loans products :– Home loans specifically designed for Housing Finance companies, viz NBFCs and banks. Has been in production usage for more than 10 years in
various blue chip companies.
- KEN-SOFTIL - Institutional loaning software product for Financial Institutions (FIs) and Banks.
It has been in production usage for more than 7 years in various companies in India.
- KEN-CBS - Integrated Core Banking Software Solution

Kensoft Infotech has a specialised range of Enterprise Level Products with Financial DSS(Decision Support Systems). These Software Products are part of the Kenware Suite of Applications & Products.This includes the following:
-Kenware-CAMS(Credit Appraisal Management System)
-Kenware-CRB (Credit Rating Builder)
-Kenware-LIFA(Loan Integrated Financial Accounting)
-Kenware-MCM (Media and Channel management)
-Kenware-RFS (Re Finance Solutions)
-Kenware-RMF (Risk Management Framework)
-Kenware-RMPC (Recovery Monitoring and Performance Control)

Other areas of core competence include:
- Data porting of legacy data from existing to new software packages
- E- governance software
- Decision support systems


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