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Kensoft provides state of the art Customized Enterprise Software Solutions and 3-tier Cloud Products. With built-in knowledge-based DSS(Decision Support Systems), our Financial Software Products have been successfully implemented and used in major corporations in India and abroad. We have a wide range of domain enriched Banking & Loaning Software Products.
Our Products are recognised and certified by Bureau Veritas for proactive integrity with verification & security modules.

Kenware Credit Appraisal Management System & Credit Rating Builder

Kenware CAMS and CRB

  • Kenware-CRB(Credit Rating Builder) is an Internal rating model for assessment of the credit worthiness of business entities seeking loans. The credit score, based on various quantitative and qualitative criteria, provides lending institutions with an indication of how likely it is that a borrower will pay back a loan. User can set their own parameters for quantitative and qualitative rating parameters and rating scores are tracked for new and existing customers.
Kenware-CAMS(Credit Appraisal Management System) offers a structured model for business loan appraisal with all required qualitative and quantitative parameters including financial viability ratios. Data build up comes from basic entry screens in structured formats for demographic details, cost centers, revenue centers etc. All decision parameters including financial ratios are given out by the system with an extensive Deviation↔Mitigation matrix. Our proprietary internal risk scoring leads to automatic decision-making that eases the burden on the underwriters. home Previous Next

Ken-HFS  (Kensoft's Home Finance Software)

  • Some Key Modules of Ken-HFS :-
  • - Loan Origination System
  • - Structured Credit Appraisal
  • - Integrated Loan Sanctions Module
  • - Pre-Disbursement checks with Technical   Inspection
  • - Risk management & Recovery Framework
  • - Loan and Financial Accounts
  • - Collateral Security management
  • Apart from being user friendly, Ken-HFS is intuitive and is at a degree of proven quality and excellence acheived through Kensoft's expertise in design and development for over a decade. It has been in live production at various client sites across India for over 9 years.

Ken-HFS: Kensoft's Home Finance Software is a domain enriched Housing Finance Software Product with complete end-to-end integration
right from receiving of Applications, Credit appraisal to disbursements, accounting and Recovery. 



With implementation in various Leading Housing Finance companies, the software has matured with actual user inputs and a meaningful knowledgebase incorporated into the system.

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Ken-CBS  (Kensoft's Core Banking Software Solution)

  • Some Key Modules of Ken-CBS :-
  • ~ Demand Liabilities module comprising of:-
  • - Deposit schemes specific to a bank: A new  scheme can be added by simply defining  parameters by the user.
  • ~ Loans and Advances Modules comprising :-
  • - End to end NPA management
  • - Parameterised setting for Interest rate,  interest variation for a scheme and interest  variation for a defined group.
  • - OBC & ECS
  • - Cheque book stock management
  • KEN-CBS has Authorization levels defined by the user with the Concept of Maker-Checker followed in all areas.

KEN-CBS is a fully integrated on-line core banking system covering all operational areas of banking. It encompasses all aspects of banking operations of a commercial bank and can be customized to the specific needs of any bank. 



It covers all the core areas of branch banking in a centralized environment. With Customer management by a single unique customer ID for each customer. It has a very Modular Design with user friendly screens.

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Kenware Loan Integrated Financial Accounting & Re-Finance Solutions

Kenware LIFA and RFS

  • Kenware-LIFA(Loan Integrated Financial Accounting) is a comprehensive integrated Accounting software with loan and financial accounting combined into one software solution. Accounting is done through user defined general ledgers (GL) and sub GLs.
  • Receipts against loan repayments are appropriated in pre-defined order of Interest, principal etc based on business policy. Accounting outputs like Trial Balance, P&L account and Balance Sheet are available on tap on daily basis.
    Accounting outputs like Trial Balance, P&L accounts and Balance Sheet are available on tap on a daily basis.
In order to honour payment obligations, a lending entity has to accurately match the maturities of its assets and liabilities. Lack of timely and accurate information about liquidity required to honour payment on due dates and maximisation of earnings by deployment of cash / liquid assets results in defaults and loss of profits.
Kenware-RFS gives user defined time buckets for all assets & liabilities on the click of a mouse.


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Kenware Suite of Cloud Products

  • The Kenware Suite comprises of the following Software Products:-
  • ~ Kenware-CAMS (Credit Appraisal    Management System)
  • ~ Kenware-CRB (Credit Rating Builder)
  • ~ Kenware-LIFA (Loan Integrated Financial    Accounting)
  • ~ Kenware-RFS (Re-Finance Solutions with    Asset-Liability matrix)
  • ~ Kenware-RMF (Risk Management    Framework)
  • ~ Kenware-RMPC (Recovery Monitoring and    Performance Control)
  • ~ Kenware-CSDM (Collateral Security and    Document Management)
Kensoft Infotech has a specialised range of Enterprise scale Software Products with a Financial Decision Support Ecosystem. These Software Products are part
of the Kenware Suite which is designed and developed on state of the art web-tier architecture with Superior performance for medium to high volume environments.

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Ken-SOFTIL (Kensoft's Software for Industrial/Institutional Lending)

  • Some Key Modules of Ken-SOFTIL :-
  • - Loan Origination
  • - Credit Appraisal
  • - Credit Rating for new and existing   customers
  • - Financial Workings
  • - Loan Sanction framework
  • - Legal module
  • - Collateral Security management
  • SOFTIL encompasses all operational aspects of a business lending solution in a structured and highly integrated manner. It has User flexibility by extensive parameterization. It has been in live production at various client sites across India for over 7 years.

KEN-SOFTIL(Kensoft's Software for industrial/Institutional Lending) is a comprehensive ERP level lending software solution which is tailor made for Financial institutions, Banks and NBFC's.


Studies and inputs from domain experts of various Financial Institutions have been incorporated into the system. KEN-SOFTIL has been Appraised by IDRBT of the Reserve Bank of India.

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Kenware Risk Management Framework & Recovery Control

Kenware RMF & RMPC


    It is essential to keep track of borrower accounts and ensure that there is regular repayment and interest servicing of the loans disbursed by the lending entity.

    Kenware-RMPC ensures the following:-
    - Identification and listing of first-time and    subsequent defaulters.
    - Allocating loan accounts to Recovery Officers    or Recovery Agents.
    - Follow-up log (tele-calls & personal visits) of    monitoring efforts actually made by recovery    teams.
    - Ageing analysis of bad loans and calculation of    provisioning required.
    - Facilitates effective NPA Management &    discussions with Auditors and regulatory    bodies like RBI etc.

Risk management is a process for identifying,
assessing, and prioritizing risks of different kinds.
Kenware-RMF(Risk Management Framework) is designed to identify risky lending exposure with monitoring and control to give proactive warnings before exposure, if defined exposure limits are exceeded.



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Kenware CSDM (Collateral Security and Document Management)

  • This software system is built on the kenware web-tier architecture to enable high performance monitoring & control for medium to large scale environments.
  • This system has a comprehensive legal title scrutiny and legal document management for each individual security.
  • A specified security can be tagged to other multiple accounts and pre disbursement conditions enforced, which is based on the portion of security offered for each loan.
  • A systematic record of security documents required and submitted by the customer are kept in the system.
Kenware-CSDM(Collateral Security and Document Management) is a software framework which helps
in the credit administration function for
pre-disbursement compliance of security
conditions, updation and maintenance of
adequate collateral during the entire loan period.


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