E.R.P Software for Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs)

Kensoft provides state of the art Customized Enterprise Software Solutions and 3-tier Cloud Products. With built-in knowledge-based DSS(Decision Support Systems), our Financial Software Products have been successfully implemented and used in major corporations in India and abroad.
KEN-ARC (Kensoft's E.R.P Software for Asset Reconstruction Companies) is a seamlessly integrated enterprise software product designed for companies engaged in the business of resolution of non-performing loans (NPLs) acquired from Banks and financial institutions.
Ken-ARC drives innovation and productivity with several modules & over 1150 program units seamlessly integrated to enable control, monitoring & management.

Ken-ARC Features

Key Functionality & Main Modules

  • Key Modules:
  • - Policy Parameter Controls & Definitions
  • - Customer interaction Management System
  • - Bidding and Portfolio Acquisition
  • - Post Acquisition Modules
  • - Primary Security & Collateral Security Management
  • - Legal Module
  • - Recovery Management and Performance Control
  • - Integrated Loan and Financial Accounting
    • -- Loans Accounting System
    • -- FAM (Fixed Asset Management)
    • -- Trust Accounting
    • -- Bills Payment Management
  • - DSS (Decision support systems) with Reports and analytics
  • - Integrated Web Services
  • - Utilities and Customer Services

Ken-ARC: Kensoft's Enterprise Software for Asset Reconstruction Companies is a domain enriched Product with complete end-to-end integration right from the Acquisition Process, Formation of trusts and issue of SRs to Collateral and Primary Security management with Legal modules to handle court case monitoring & actions under SARFAESI Act as also non loan related legal matters. Some of the key modules are given

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Distinguishing Features of Ken-ARC:

KEN-ARC 11g-E.R.P has an evolved knowledge base incorporated into it's systems. It is designed to automate core processes and streamline advanced recovery functions. Delivered as a single point solution with development, implementation and support for production environment including managed services for Oracle software.

Apart from being extremely user friendly, Ken-ARC has extensive built-in validations to avoid data entry level errors.

Ken-ARC is a domain enriched software product which is tailor made to suit companies engaged in the business of resolution of non-performing loans (NPLs) acquired from Banks and FIs.

Ken-ARC 11g-E.R.P
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Our Recovery Management Framework has detailed reports & functionality for risk mitigation and control.

Identify → Assess → Monitor → Control → Evaluate

With Enterprise-class scalability, Ken-ARC has in-built sharp & incisive Decision Support Systems with detailed online reports generation.

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Our build up of knowledge
based libraries ensures that either customization of our existing products
or developing new modules ground upwards is done in the fastest                 turnaround time.


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Our products are developed & designed on state of the art web-tier architecture. With Ken-ARC, User defined parameters can be set/reset and switched between different types online.

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