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Kensoft provides state of the art Customized Enterprise Software Solutions and 3-tier Cloud Products. With built-in knowledge-based DSS(Decision Support Systems), our Financial Software Products have been successfully implemented and used in major corporations in India and abroad.
KEN-HFS (Kensoft's Home Finance Software) is a seamlessly integrated housing finance software product designed for NBFCs and banks engaged in the business of housing loans.
As a retail loans product, it has end-to-end integration and covers all aspects of housing loans. Apart from being user friendly, it is intuitive and is at a degree of proven quality and excellence acheived through Kensoft's expertise in design and development for over a decade.
Ken-HFS is a domain enriched software product which is successfully implemented and used in major corporations across the financial industry.


Key Functionality & Main Modules

  • Key Modules:
  • - Loan Origination System
  • - Structured Credit Appraisal
  • - Loan Sanction Module
  • - Legal Documentation
  • - Pre-Disbursement checks
  • - Technical inspection
  • - Loan and Financial Accounts
  • - Risk management
  • - Recovery Module
  • - Asset classification and NPA management
  • - DSS (Decision support systems)
  • - Reports and analytics
  • - Integrated Web Services
  • - Utilities and Customer Services

Ken-HFS: Kensoft's Home Finance Software is a domain enriched Housing Finance Software Product with complete end-to-end integration right from receiving of Applications, Credit appraisal to disbursements, accounting and Recovery. With implementation in various Leading Housing Finance companies, the software has matured with actual user inputs and a meaningful knowledgebase incorporated into the system.

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Distinguishing Features of Ken-HFS:

KEN-HFS has an evolved knowledge base incorporated into it's systems. It is designed to automate core processes and streamline advanced Lending functions. Ken-HFS is a product that facilitates a wide range of Lending operations and enables efficient handling of large transaction volumes on a daily basis.

Apart from being extremely user friendly, Ken-HFS has extensive built-in validations to avoid data entry level errors.
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Ken-HFS is a domain enriched software product which is tailor made to suit companies engaged in the business of Home Finance.

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Our Risk Management Framework has detailed reports & functionality for risk mitigation and control.

Identify → Assess → Monitor → Control → Evaluate

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With Enterprise-class scalability, Ken-HFS has in-built sharp & incisive Decision Support Systems with detailed reports generation.

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Our build up of knowledge
based libraries ensures that either customization of our existing products
or developing a new product ground upwards is done in the fastest                 turnaround time.


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Our products are developed & designed on state of the art web-tier architecture. With Ken-HFS, User defined parameters can be set/reset and switched between different types of loans online.

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